Math Stations

I borrowed these ideas from Julie and Kristen.

After reviewing solving multi-step equations, I wanted to give my students a day of practice.  Instead of just giving them a worksheet, I turned the worksheet into stations. I sorted the problems into six stations plus one challenge station. I retyped the problems so I could increase the font, printed them on colored paper and laminated them.  The colored stations were placed around the classroom.  The students were told they could start at any station, all work must be shown in their notebooks and they had to check in with me before moving onto a different station.  If their answers were correct and all work was shown, I would allow them to move onto a different station. If there was a mistake, they needed to find the mistake, correct it and label it according to this poster, borrowed from Sarah at Math Equals Love.  Kids could ask each other for help to identify mistakes.

My kids were busy and moving around the room. There was plenty of interaction with me and each other. My kids got some great practice in before the quiz scheduled for the next day. And they started to realize which types of errors they were making and became more aware of common mistakes.


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