Fantasy Football

My kids have a “Flex” period during the day which is used for different things.  Sometimes the class is used for remediation or extension, sometimes the minutes from the class are incorporated into other classes to lengthen them, sometimes the time is used for an assembly, a band/chorus rehearsal or a fitness class.

My school operates on trimesters – 60 days each. For this first trimester, my kids will have a fitness class every day during Flex for the second 30 days.  The schedule for the first 30 days is somewhat mixed up due to all the beginning of school activities – team building, opening assemblies, picture day, etc.  So my teammates and I decided we would use whatever Flex time we had during the first 30 days to design mini-units of something fun/interesting.  Something to incorporate the 4 C’s and/or 21st Century Skills. The kids are cycling through by home room, seeing each teacher for about 5 days.

One teacher is focusing on areas of history we never seem to get to – the Alamo, Battle of 1812. Another teacher is having the kids research a current event and put together a brief presentation for the class – the refugee crisis, Hilary and her emails, the Donald, etc.

I chose Fantasy Football. Yummy Math has a great activity designed to highlight the math behind the “game”.  From the Yummy Math website:

In the midst of another NFL season, we introduce students to Fantasy Football. Students first calculate football points given touchdowns, yardage gains and interceptions. They are then challenged to generalize an equation for that gives a player’s total fantasy points. Students solve equations as they try to find the number of passes, touchdowns, or interceptions that yield given point totals.  Students can also compete in their own fantasy football competition within the class.  This lesson is ideal for teachers that want to work on equations with their students or for a group of football fans.

The website has a kid-friendly introductory video to explain the basics:

I wish I could have captured the look on some of my kids’ faces when they saw a Fantasy football video projected on the screen.   “Sweet!”     “Are we really doing this?”    “No way!”

My kids were so into it – I think they were also somewhat surprised with my personal football knowledge. Although I am certainly not an expert, it’s difficult not to pick up on a few things with 10 years of marching band experience. Attending a Big XII school in Texas, well – football is king.  Hook ’em Horns!

I have one more day with this group. Two of the kids in my class are in a Fantasy Football league online and they are going to show the class their accounts.  I toyed with the idea of starting a classroom league but, understandably, the websites are blocked at school.  The Yummy Math activity has a section to track stats over the weekend but I made that optional considering it was a holiday. My idea is to pull the stats of 5 quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers from this weekend and hold a mini-draft in the classroom. Then have the kids use the actual player points and the scoring rules from the activity to determine the number of fantasy football points their “team” earned over the weekend.  Thoughts?


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