High Five Friday!

As people start to return to school, mentions of implementing “high fives” have been popping up all over Twitter. I think it stemmed from a sharing at #TWC15 (http://blog.mrwaddell.net/archives/1431).  My favorite quote might be, “How can you NOT be in a great mood getting 35 high fives several times a day, every day.”

I dubbed today “High Five Friday” and instead of greeting my kids with a high-five, I stood at the door as my kids left for lunch and high-fived each one of them. So many smiles and giggles –  one student even came back in the room so he could leave and get another high-five!  This was a great way to end class. I think next week I will greet my home room kids this way.

At some point at my school there was a rule made prohibiting high fives. I can’t remember why the rule was instituted (probably something about kids ‘high five-ing’ each other with more force than necessary) and I’m not sure if the ban is still in effect. We have a new principal starting this year who is very focal about creating connections with kids so I’m hopeful my implementation of “high fives” will be celebrated. 🙂




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