A Day in The Life… MTBoS #7

Clearly this is a very late submission… I found this in my drafts… written in March of 2014.  I’m not sure why I never published it.  Maybe I was planning to elaborate?  Who knows!  School is starting up soon and I’m attempting to re-boot my blog! 

5:15 Alarm goes off and hit snooze.

5:30 Roll out of bed, stumble to the shower … on the way to the bathroom stop to put eggs on the stove to boil.

After I’m showered and dressed (and more awake) I make breakfast sandwiches, coffee and lunch.  We leave the house no later than 6:30.

7:00 Arrive at school.

I unpack my bag, computer, lunch, etc and get ready for the day.  Today another teacher stops by for advice.  We chat for a little while and as she leaves my teammate come in and we go over our plans for the day.  I eat breakfast at my desk as I check email and update my website.

7:35 Kiddos start arriving for home room.

I greet the kids, ask about the hockey games, the basketball games, etc.  A few kids have questions about last night’s homework.

7:50 Pledge of Allegiance and announcements

Classes and meetings all day….

2:03 Students arrive for extra help.  Some are here just to do their homework, others have questions.

2:50 Kids pack up for the late bus.  I grab my painting clothes and head to the bathroom to change.   We’re in the middle of Tech Week.  I set up my sewing machine and greet one of the parent volunteers who has come to save me!  We work on the costumes until the kids go home at 5pm.  Once the kids are gone I crack open the paint.  I finish the last few painting projects and head home around 6:30.

7:15 Home

I eat dinner while I grade papers.


Head to bed to read for 15-20 minutes before I fall asleep.