MTBoS: Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

This was the assignment:

  1. Write a blog post reflecting on your Twitter Chat experience.
  2. Tweet out your blog post. Include the hashtag for the chat you attended (#alg1chat) as well as the #MTBoS hashtag.

I sort of already did this last week (2nd blog post). Jumping back into Twitter has both re-invigorating and overwhelming.  I’m loving the chats – I’m new meeting new people and getting lots of great ideas.  I’ve found some great new blogs to read and it’s comforting to know there are others out there struggling with some of the same things I am.  Two chats are now in my calendar: #alg1chat and #msmathchat.

My new favorite find is the TweetDeck – thanks to Mission 5 and @jreulbach.  With the TweetDeck I am able to follow my own feed and multiple chats at once.  I can follow a chat and post without closing out of the chat.  Perfect!

As part of the Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere I have started this blog.  In some ways I’ve added more pressure and one more thing to my ever-growing, never diminishing to-do list.  🙂  I’m curious to learn how some of my favorite teacher-bloggers find/make the time to create such thoughtful and informative posts.


4 thoughts on “MTBoS: Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

  1. i too wonder how everyone seems to carve out the time. tweetdeck is a great find. Now I’m looking for someway to automatically collect links that are posted. This would save me the time of having to go back and find everything.

  2. Do you attend both the #alg1chat and #msmathchat? Those are the two I think I should attend more regularly, but I have to fight the urge to go to sleep!

    I haven’t used TweetDeck yet, but since it’s getting such enthusiastic reviews, I may have to try it out.

  3. As far as making time goes, I tend to queue stuff up on the weekend. Possibly because I overwork during the week; likely need to find a balance. Though the fact that I like writing might help too.
    As far as the mission goes, nice that TweetDeck’s working out for you, as well as the chats themselves. Hope you find time for everything you want to do!

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