MTBoS Mission #2: Twitter Me This

I joined Twitter about a year ago and used it sporadically.  With the launch of Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere I have decided to re-immerse myself in the experience.

Tonight I participated in my first “chat” —–> #alg1chat.  It was very exciting and a little overwhelming!  People were very welcoming.  The amount of information flying through 140 characters at a time was impressive!

In about an hour I learned about:

I also found more math teachers to follow on Twitter and more math blogs to read!  Looking forward to participating next week!



Curriculum Realignment

With the recent adoption of the CCSS we’ve spent many hours realigning our curriculum and current resources.  Textbook publishing companies have been reworking, rewriting and revamping their products and we’ve been watching and waiting.  For the past two years we’ve been collecting sample editions and piloting different resources.

This year we’ve adopted Big Ideas Math: http://www.bigideasmath.com/ for grades 6 through 8.  So far so good!  My plan is to write a post detailing our findings with each program soon.   What program/resources are you using?


Joining the MTBoS


I’m a middle school math teacher in Massachusetts currently in my 13th year of teaching.  Within the last year I found the MTBoS community on Twitter and from there started exploring many wonderful blogs.  My hope is to become more involved in the community.  People have been fantastic about sharing best practices and resources.  I want to continue learning from other professionals and eventually contribute myself!